Premium American spirits, handcrafted from grain to bottle

The Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. was founded by two brothers looking to create a truly unique product and experience in historic Galena, Illinois. By sourcing grains from local farmers and controlling the entire process in our purpose-built facility, we're able to meticulously produce the highest quality spirits from our custom, hand made copper still. In a world overrun by mass production and corporate shenanigans, join us in creating something real - something genuine. After opening our doors in December 2013, we have been stocking the shelves with vodka, gin and moonshine...all while filling up barrels with malt whiskey, bourbon whiskey and rye whiskey. We look forward to providing you with a tour, a tipple, and a chat about what we love doing. Until then, we'll catch you on the flip sideā€¦

Blaum Bros. Distilling Vodka & Gin

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