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Blaum Bros. Vodka

The Brothers Blaum don't take kindly to puppy mills, nor do they enjoy mass-produced vodka. Too long forgotten is the vodka of old — made by hand, along with the pride of the local farmers it represents. The Bros. have chosen the finest combination of local wheat and rye to produce the highest quality spirit available. Don't believe me? Search deep inside yourself, close your eyes, and now imagine that you are me. How do you feel about that? I'm thirsty. Are you? No? Then I guess we'll see you in the funny pages.


How do the Bros. enjoy this spirit:  

Mike: Rocks, with a twist please. (It reminds him of Rome, the way the sun hits the buildings in the afternoon. Then he drinks to the groundhog.  Is it snowing in space?)

Matt:  White Russian, Dude style.

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