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Blaum Bros. Oak Reserve Gin

How do you make a delicious gin even more delicious? That’s right, put it in a barrel. But not just one barrel — many different kinds of barrels. Here’s the catch — each batch will be equal in quality, but different in composition. Whereas one batch may be from a blend of new charred oak and ex-bourbon barrels, the next might be a blend of ex-Cognac and new toasted. Want to see what we have aging away in the Blaum Bros. Gin Library right now? (have a list of the barrels, what they are, and when they were filled).  How many times did we just say 'barrel'?   Barrel. 


Batch 1 / Jan 2016:

 2 x Ex-Bourbon, 2 x New Heavy Toast, 10 months old / 965 bottles


Batch 2 / Sep 2016:

 4 x Ex-Bourbon, 0,5 x Ex-Maderia (#12 below) / 11 months old / 1098 bottles

Batch 3 / Feb 2017:

2 x 2nd Fill Ex-Bourbon, 1 Rum, 1 Agave / 12 months old / 950 bottles


How do the Bros. enjoy this spirit:  

Mike:  As an Old Fashioned, with orange bitters aged in gin casks. Twist of orange peel. Simple syrup. Fancy pants cherry. Ice ball.

Matt: Neat.

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