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HellFyre Vodka

We spelled Hellfyre with a ‘Y’.  Y?  Because a bad ass spirit like this deserves a rogue letter here and there.  Not rogue like Sarah Palin, but more like Jason Bourne rogue.   See where we are going with this?  Us either.   But we do have a bottle of Hellfyre, which is made by soaking a whole bunch of fresh, hand cut jalapeños, habaneros, and black peppercorn in a whole bunch of vodka. It’s a whole bunch of amazing, fresh tasting peppers and spice. It’s been suggested to us about 1,000 times that it’d be good in a bloody mary.  We should try that sometime.


How do the Bros. enjoy this spirit:  

Mike:  Bloody Mary  

Matt:  Pinepple juice, agave nectar, and lime.  Shaken.

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