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Blaum Bros. Distilling Co. was founded in 2013 by two brothers who started with playing video games together and eventually drinking whiskey with each other. This love for the magical brown spirit led the brothers down the path less traveled; one where they ended up quitting their careers to distill fine spirits that would be enjoyed by all.  After years of research, involving no formal education or hipster vests, the brothers have produced what they believe are deliciously intoxicating liquors.  Are they bonafide?  Only you can be the judge.  As the boys always say: “Drink better, drink responsibly, and take your spirits — not yourselves — seriously."


The Blaum Bros.

The brothers started beating the crap out of each other right after this picture was taken. Rumor has it that Mike is a biter. Years later, once they each were over 21, they figured out how to smile like that again by making booze together. Oh, and the biting has stopped.  



Disclaimer: The brothers’ Grandfather did not distill moonshine for Al Capone, they don’t have a secret family recipe, and they were not the first distillery since prohibition to do this or that. 


Our Management Team

Screen Shot 2020-10-01 at 8.48_edited.png
Chris Ritenour.jpg

Matt Blaum

Co-founder, CEO, Distillinator

Mark Korich

Chief Tour Guide

Dennis Leonard

Chris Ritenour

Deputy Chief Distiller Emeritus

Mia Bella Valladares

General Manager

Co-founder,Chief Distiller/Blender

Mike Blaum

Director of Custodial Engineering

Jovita Hernandez

Jovita Hernandez.jpg

Regional Sales Manager

Johnny Stevenson.jpg

Johnny Stevenson

He's just kind of here.

Dennis Leonard.jpg
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