Most people make gin by throwing a bunch of botanicals into a pot still full of neutral spirits, and boiling it off in one fell swoop. The problem is, the oils from one botanical become bitter before those of another, and it’s difficult to achieve a precise balance. If your name is Gus, that might work just fine for you. At Blaum Bros. Distilling Co., no one is named Gus. Trust us…we checked. We feel that the best way to craft the finest gin is to distill each botanical separately. We then meticulously blend the resulting fractions together to create the best gin we could imagine. Do you do this? We think not. Do you find this to be delicious? We think so. Unless ….. your name is Gus.

The Brothers Blaum don't take kindly to puppy mills, nor do they enjoy mass-produced vodka. Too long forgotten is the vodka of old — made by hand, along with the pride of the local farmers it represents. The Brothers have chosen the finest combination of local wheat and rye to produce the highest quality spirit available. Don't believe me? Search deep inside yourself, close your eyes, and now imagine that you are me. How do you feel about that? I'm thirsty. Are you? No? Then I guess we'll see you in the funny pages.

Though the Bros. love whiskey that has been properly aged in charred oak barrels, they've distilled and bottled the cleanest and best tasting moonshine they could rustle up. For sipping and mixing in cocktails, this moonshine is distilled in limited batches on one of those pretty copper stills you imagine in your dreams. Your moonshine dreams. Rumor has it that the local miners of old used to enjoy a little moonshine on the side, so we're bringing it back to Galena. There’s a mason jar of moonshine waiting for you right now.

Behold, the perfect balance. Jalapeño flavored vodka. The pure and righteous midwest grain paired with the wicked, indecent heat of the jalapeño, habanero and peppercorn.We have fused the two sides together to create this gem that might just be the cat’s pajamas. Grab a glass right meow. This stuff will surely fix your wagon.

We distill a lot of bourbon, but we didn’t distill this bourbon. Nope, not a drop. We did, however, specifically select this bourbon from a very small lot of barrels that had begun its life maturing in non-climate controlled facilities — just like we do here at Blaum Bros. — to produce a more robust and complex flavor. We then finalized the maturation and vatted this bourbany goodness right here in Galena to our liking. We are hoping that your liking is like our liking. Once our own locally made bourbon reaches its prime, this Knotter Bourbon will knotter be available anymore. For now, it'll be like a temporary step brother. A fun step brother. A step brother that wants to do karate in the garage. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do..

Knotter Bourbon Whiskey

The spicy brother of Knotter Bourbon Whiskey. Like its kin, this was hand picked by the Bros. and aged to perfection. For the seasoned rye whiskey drinkers out there, this may just be your new fav. When it comes to rye whiskey this one is “rype" for the picking. You see what we did there? Clever, clever those Bros. are…